Processing of tubes and profiles

Whether straight or bent, with or without holes, with or without surface coating – we make everything possible. Together with strong partners, we can achieve (almost) all requirements. Just contact us and get an initial feedback from us today.

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Rohr Biegen

We supply processed precision tubes:

Why not buying a finished product immediately? For you we avoid a long journey / many steps to obtain your product.

We look forward to receive your drawings and specifications in order to develop the right solution together with you.

A decorative surface can be achieved with a roughness of > Ra 0.2.

Eloxieren Metatube

An anodized surface provides excellent corrosion protection. We are happy supplying you anodized tubes up to a length of 6000 mm.

Rohr Biegen

Even hard alloys such as EN AW-2024 and AW-7075 can be bent from Ø 4 mm to Ø 50 mm.

By using modern CNC machines, a maximum tube length of 2000 mm can be processed.

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We supply solutions for your challenging applications. We supply aluminium tubes and profiles in straight lengths, bent, mechanically processed, with and without surface treatment.

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