Precision aluminium tubes

METATUBE GmbH supplies the following aluminium tubes:

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Aluminiumrohre Metatube

Aluminium tubes

The solution for leightweight constructions.

Aluminium is irreplacable in the industry since the beginning of the 20th century. Due to the low density, high strength and good corrosion resistance, aluminium is the ecological and economical solution for many different applications. Aluminium is 100% recyclable, which is good for future generations.



EN AW-2014

EN AW-Al Cu4SiMg

EN AW-2017A

EN AW-Al Cu4MgSi(A)

EN AW-2024

EN AW-Al Cu4Mg1

EN AW-3003

EN AW-Al Mn1Cu

EN AW-3103

EN AW-Al Mn1

EN AW-5052

EN AW-Al Mg2,5

EN AW-6060




EN AW-6061

EN AW-Al Mg1SiCu

EN AW-6082

EN AW-Al Si1MgMn

EN AW-7005

EN AW-Al Zn4,5Mg1,5Mn

EN AW-7010

EN AW-Al Zn6MgCu

EN AW-7020

EN AW-Al Zn4,5Mg1

EN AW-7050

EN AW-Al Zn6CuMgZr

EN AW-7075

EN AW-Al Zn5,5MgCu

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We supply solutions for your challenging applications. We supply aluminium tubes and profiles in straight lengths, bent, mechanically processed, with and without surface treatment.

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